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    Noisey punx pre-pedal effects. Extra slimey and extraterrestrial. Dubbed by US and recorded on a shitty phone in a living room. How ELSE does one make a demo, tho?

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released December 13, 2015


tags: punk Austin


all rights reserved




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Track Name: Glossolalia
jesus drugs and doctors
yea theyre all the same
as you swallow your religion
2x a day

this is not tv
theres not magic cure
but your 30 min slots are
wrapped up nice and neat

chemicals and food/air you breather
oh surprise your bodies failing
but i have just the script/ pills to make you sick
denied your basic rights/who are they to judge
who lives and who dies

wrinkled callous hands but a robot on my heart
i could see in his eyes that i/i was fucked
just a technician so he doesnt say a thing
he squeezed my shoulders as he walked away

jesus drugs and doctors
yea theyre all the same
swallow your religion
2x a day
Track Name: HB2
waiting room with baited breathe
call us one by one
feel so much better
when all is said and done

body is my own
choice is mine to make

24hr wait to make you contemplate
a stanger with coded words designed
to make you sway

so they can pretend that another soul is saved
after it is born/words born from scorn
for single mothers/a four letter word

body is my own
this choice is mine to make
Track Name: Blood Moon
oozing/dripping/imposing wine stain
more than my divided parts
reject all that you please
not here for your enjoyment
wont get on my fucking knees
this current underneath
a lunar push and pull
a blood moon rises in the east
why is my biology defining what they see

what did you expect
born from mothers milk
swamp creatures cradled
to my chest

more than my divided parts
reject all that you please
not here for your enjoyment
wont get on fucking knees
Track Name: War is Hell
smashing things to the sea
shermans march in history
burning rascists property
for we will not protect you
war is hell/war is hell
smashing things to the sea
if history repeats itself
well burn it again
150 years is not so past
but your ignorance cannot last
you are not welcome here
you are not welcome here
burn burn burn
Track Name: Slime
sea slime//sea sludge dripping down my legs
my boodie board is fucked
no lifegaurd in sight
out here all alone
the beach is deserted
everyones gone home
all the oceans creatures
writhe on the floor

just like that episode from tales from the crypt
teenagers are swallowed up for being promiscuous
toxic waste//toxic sludge

at first it had tickled
but now my legs are going numb
its not fun/its no fun
toxic waste//toxic sludge

the oceans not yours to destroy
where will you vacation when its all oil

last shark that i saw looked like
from the island of Dr. Moreau
or just from a dream
oh fuck/i am dreaming
i am in my bed/well
i turned all my lights on it was
and oil spill instead
Track Name: Opia
you just stare and smirk
inside i go beserk

do you know what youve done
stripped of my humanity
powers on the floor
im reduced to nothing

cop and feel reel quick
dancing in a fit
try and claim me as your own
suprised by my tone

i was just trying to get home
i was just walking home alone
the bus stop is so close
yet its always such a jolt
treated like a toy
by a car of passing boys
Track Name: Boys in Blue
you represent a system
created to murder and oppress
the very people you have sworn to protect
fuck your blue wall of silence

kill without consequence just cuz you have a badge
even in your caught on camera theyll be no indictment
the media plays right into their bullshit hands
all part of this system the blue thugs defend

all cops are bastards
all cops are pigs
trained to kill and maim the innocent
Track Name: Flesh
have you ever really looked past farmer john
and all the animals locked in cages oh so small
that theyre forced to feed upon their own

they live in their own piss and shit
the filth that you consume
as long as you stay full would you even look
you have to know that they were breathing once
just like us

oh i dont wanna know i cannot relate
this flesh that i am feasting on
this death upon my plate

but that whale that they chopped up on screen
he was alive/people are so mean
yet hes just trying to feed his family

i cant see/i dont wanna look
the process of how i consume
this flesh upon my plate
death upon my plate

i see how you like your meat
wrapped up nice and neat
and out of sight out of mind
Track Name: Missing Stairs
you were supposed to be someone that i could trust
but you felt entitled to fuck

missing stair//missing stairs
i fell down but im ok
hes my friend so hes ok
you led me in the dark you knew what was there
you decided he was more important
i fell down but im ok

im sick of men telling me
that my experiences
is invalid
but they fell down
but theyre ok
they decided whats important
and its not us